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Our cat café is a coffee shop where guests can come, enjoy the company of our cats over a drink and experience the benefit of some kitty therapy. Some of our amazing cat café cats are available for adoption so we are hoping we can find forever homes for these fur babies. We believe that the cat café is a great place for cat lovers to visit especially those who are unable to have pets at their homes due to the pace of their lives, allergies, financial situation, responsibility of owning a cat, not allowed pets on their rental, and many other reasons. The cat café cats are your cats too, so now you can come and have fun watching kitties playing, hunting and have cuddles with them in a relaxed stress-free environment.

Guidelines and Rules


Call: +971-4-8767222

Fees and Reservations

  • All ages are welcome

    All ages are welcome. Children under the age of ten, need to be accompanied by at least one adult at all times whilst in the cat lounge.

  • Duration:

    One Hour

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    45 AED per person per hour including a complimentary hot or cold drink item.

  • Booking:

    Booking can be made by calling (04) 876 7222 or sending a WhatsApp message to 055 116 5348 or submitted the form on the left. Please note that space is limited due to the current situation therefore it would be best to make a booking before arriving or submitting the form on left.


Many of our cats are pedigree because their calm nature is well suited for such an environment. Many are also coming from owners who were no longer able to take care of them or rescued from a hoarding situation. All of The Cat Café cats have their health checked, are fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and free from skin diseases and parasites. They get regularly visited by one of Amity Veterinary Clinic doctors to ensure they are healthy and happy. Any cat that falls ill at the café is removed immediately and taken to Amity Veterinary Clinic to receive all treatments needed and will only be returned when declared healthy.


We work very hard to keep our level of hygiene high at all times therefore you will be surprised to see that our venue has a very pleasant smell. All cleaning products used are safe for both animals and humans. Our cats have their own toilet room, this room is only accessible to them and gets cleaned and disinfected many times throughout the day. The Cat Café cats also have their own dining room which is totally isolated from the lounge room and strictly accessible only to them. They can get to eat their meals in it and relax on their beds away from humans whenever they feel overwhelmed. They get brushed and groomed on a daily basis and receive professional bathing and grooming whenever it is needed.